Special Spectrum Business

LED Litho Process Lighting

Specialized design for litho process effectively block 99.98%-99.99% wavelengths from 0-500nm, suitable for various environment with high requirements for light.

LED Maritime Lighting

Suitable for different ship areas installa tion, including bulwarks, crew cabins, cock pits, compartments, engine rooms, turrets and stowage. Offshore and onshore sites requires 24 hours lighting every day, lighting bill is always a large budget, high light efficiency lighting will be a solution.

LED Fresh Food Lighting

Characteristic lighting for diferent kinds of food, making foods looks more delicious, increase consumers’ desire to buy.

Poultry Lighting

Chickens are affected by the duration, intensity and spectrum of the light. Lighting is one of the most important farming input on influencing the production of the meat,egg production and other proteinsources.

Pig Farm Lighting

While humans see light primarily in the green and yellow spectrums, swine’s highest sensitivity is focused on the blue and green parts of the scale with little recognition of red shades. In other words, pigs perceive red lighting as darkness.

LED Grow Lighting

Provide optimum spectrum for various plants and different growth periods. IP66 suitable for all kinds of harsh environment. Provide clients with original optical systems and solutions with high reliability according to different request.