Indirect Lighting Business

What is direct & indirect lighting?

Direct lighting means the light source of lamps can be directly seen by human eves. However,indirect liahting is achieved by reflecting a light source onto the surface of a medium, and then illuminating the surrounding environment with the reflected light. When using Indirect lighting, you cannot see the light source directly.

Why choose indirect lighting?

  • Reduce glare and Create a soft lighting environment

  • No shadow

  • Converts radiant energy into electrica signals for the brain

  • Two classic types of visual photoreceptors rods and cones

  • Newly discovered photoreceptor: melanopsin expressing ganglion cells(PRGCs) max sensitivity 480nm

Biological Lighting

Light is more than just brightness and color temperature. Like the food we eat, light has complex components that affect humans on mood, energy, sleep and hormones. Originally Lighting Science used biological lighting at NASA to allow astronauts to rest and work better in an environment where there were no differences between day and night. The Harvard Medical School study found a particular spectrum affecting the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps people work harder during the day and fall asleep more easily at night. My Lumens teamed up with Lighting Science to launch the Good day / Good night biological spectrum lighting.

While launching the biological lighting, MY LUMENS provides customized spectral lighting solutions to lots of well known companies and then a series of special lighting products were derived.

Human Ceritric Office Lighting

Direct lighting creates dicomfort glare and disability glare that is why more and more company choose indirect lighting for office lighting.

Hospital Lighting

There is perhaps no environment more immediately suited to human centric indirect light than hospital comfortable light can heppatience to get a better sleeping and recover faster.

Human Centric School Lighting

According to the report from the University of Lund, indirect lighting can create a better learning environment for Childrens.

Care Home Lighting

Quality light in the care house must provide more than just optimum visual conditions complying with appropriate standards. Light colour and lighting intensity for example influence mood, wellbeing and the capability to perform.

Car Park Lighting

Specially designed to replace the traditional high ceiling (6-12m) highbay florescent lamp for industrial lighting.

Shopping Center Lighting

Study shows the lighting environment is the most important factor to deterimine the shopping environment of department stores. Comfortable lighting atmosphere can make customers  refreshed, increase their shopping interest, and make them spend more time shopping in shopping centers.