Many infectious diseases, including COVID-19, are transmitted by airborne pathogens. There is a need for effective environmental control measures which, ideally, are not reliant on human behaviour. One potential solution is Krypton Chloride (KrCl) excimer lamps (often referred to as Far-UVC), which can efficiently inactivate pathogens, such as coronaviruses and influenza, in air. Research demonstrates that when KrCl lamps are filtered to remove longer-wavelength ultraviolet emissions they do not induce acute reactions in the skin or eyes, nor delayed effects such as skin cancer. While there is laboratory evidence for Far-UVC efficacy, there is limited evidence in full-sized rooms. For the first time, we show that Far-UVC deployed in a room-sized chamber effectively inactivates aerosolised Staphylococcus aureus. At a room ventilation rate of 3 air-changes-per-hour (ACH), with 5 filtered-sources the steady-state pathogen load was reduced by 98.4% providing an additional 184 equivalent air changes (eACH). This reduction was achieved using Far-UVC irradiances consistent with current American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists threshold limit values for skin for a continuous 8-h exposure. Our data indicate that Far-UVC is likely to be more effective against common airborne viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, than bacteria and should thus be an effective and “hands-off” technology to reduce airborne disease transmission.

The report has demonstrated for the first time in a realistically sized room, with typical ventilation and a continuous source of airborne pathogens, the potential for Far-UVC to rapidly produce significant reductions in airborne pathogens. With the lamp intensities at a level where the ICNIRP guideline exposure limits would not be exceeded, a ~ 92% reduction in viable pathogens was demonstrated, taking less than 15 min to reach the new ambient level. At the ACGIH threshold limit values a ~ 98% reduction was demonstrated, taking less than 5 min.

The article from Scientific Reports: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-08462-z#rightslink

The new research is the first of its kind in replicating how different configurations of fixtures utilizing Care222® technology could reduce the concentration of pathogens in a closed space.

The results are extremely important in further proving that filtered far UV-C fixtures, operating within the ACGIH exposure limits, can reduce pathogens in a room significantly within a short period of time, even while new pathogens are being spread continuously. This study is further proof that filtered far UV-C light from Care222 modules is a powerful tool in being able to mitigate pathogens in real time, while people are present.

Know more from Ushio: https://care222.com/news/new-research-shows-filtered-far-uv-c-extremely-efficient-at-reducing-airborne-pathogens/

Currently, the most effective and safest way to fight against COVID-19 is far uvc 222nm technology.

Care222 is a new disinfecting light source(far uvc 222nm technology) that, even though not harmful to the skin or eyes of humans or animals, deactivates bacteria and viruses in the same manner as conventional ultraviolet sanitizers.

It can be installed in a high location, such as on the ceiling, to irradiate its entire surroundings. This makes it possible to deactivate or eliminate a wide variety of viruses and bacteria both in the air and on environmental surfaces. 

Care222 uses an excimer lamp (a mercury-free UV excimer light source produced by Ushio especially for outputting monochromatic ultraviolet with a primary wavelength of 222 nm) in combination with a special optical bandpass filter (200 to 230 nm) which passes only ultraviolet wavelengths that have no harmful effect on people.

Ushio holds exclusive rights to utilization of the key technology, which was patented by Columbia University (New York, NY) in 2012.

My Lumens Artemis Far UVC Disinfection Devices equipped with Care222 module(filtered far uvc 222nm technology) developed by Ushio, Japan.


1. Customized Solutions—Develop products flexibly according to the different needs of market

2.Ceiling installation, Good match to the environment(no destroy to the impression).

3.Easy to install, and save cost.

4.Use MCPET developed by Furukawa—Indirect lighting Keeps eyes from fatigue, protecting eyes.

Care for you, Safe for you, and Protect you!


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